Rather Worrying!!

Jackie c Image
05/13/2009 - 09:53

I have just taken a look at the members list and having clicked on one of the member's listed was very concerned to see their full UK address showing!! I must admit not to filling in all of the requested details myself but where people do shouldn't these be hidden as a matter of course?Regards


Hi Jackie - quite right. The information was there to help "geocode" the address and place the marker on the map automatically - so removed it from public view just so as to avoid any issues.As you said anyone worried about sharing the exact address can simply place the marker approximately close to their location. The location does not even need to be where you live - it could be your spot in Italy.

Thank you for that explanation Ronald. I must admit I didn't enter my address in my profile either. But I will go and place the marker (with any luck) within 100km of where I live....

yes - i guess there are people who don't mind putting their full address (perhaps its a villa for rent, B&B or they just don't mind) - while others want to say where they are (in a 100km radius or less)

Just to say that security of personal information seems to be an issue with many of the undecided members of the old forum.My partner is concerned too!Could this issue be clarified in a post on the old forum maybe?When it comes to internet technology there is always going to be an element of paranoia - some justified.

I actually just posted my county (I'm UK based) and that was fine........to be honest, it then turned that into some type of code that made no real sense to me, but hay-ho!I'd suggest you only give informantion you're happy to share......

the only personal information collected is full name and date of birth (and that is strictly private and visible only to administrators)location information can be as vague as you want it to be - it is just a nice way to know where members are (give or take a few dozens kms) so that you can connect with the right people. don't fill in specific location information if you are not happy with it.compared to the old forums members here have much less to worry about since most everything is behind closed doors!