Recycling drinks cartons

masca Image
11/17/2010 - 05:54

Hi!  Does anyone know where drinks cartons (fruit juice, milk, wine, etc.) can be recycled, particularly in the Lucca/Bagni di Lucca area?  Back in the UK, they can't (I think) be recycled in Norfolk, but can in Essex, so it seems to vary from council to council.  Is it the same in Italy, as I don't recall ever seeing any recycling facilities locally?  We do recycle bottles, tins, paper, etc.  Thanks!



Those type of cartons are not recylable due to the metal foil content in them. Only Cartons with the Recycle Sign (the 3 arrows in a triangle) are.  If you buy wine try and use glass bottles, and milk and juice in plastic containers, all of which can be recycled in Bagni, and Conad stocks all these