Registering a car from UK

10/02/2010 - 09:57

I thought I would share my experience of registering our car from the UK. Much advice has been given and the costs seem enormous, presumably because people did not go direct to the Motorizazzione office.        Our costs were €110. Translation of Registration document by me, 3 x marca di bollo for the tribunale to stamp the translation - they did not have it checked by an expert.                                                                                              Three payments at the postoffice for the Motorizazzione Civile, where there is a guy who deals with foreign imports and checked the paperwork. The new number plates arrived within a week. Rosietat



We are moving to live in Italy and I would love to be able to bring my beloved Alpha Romeo Spider.  However, we have been told that insurance on a right hand drive car would be extremely expensive.  I see you have brought a car from the UK did you find many problems?  I would have no problem driving a right hand drive car In Italy, I have driven both right hand and left hand drive in the UK and the US and have driven in Italy, Rome, before.Any help gratefully received.