Rejoice with me! ( ENEL related)

01/13/2010 - 18:58

Rejoice with me for at last ENEL have recognised that I AM resident and therefore qualify for a lower tariff and wait for this ... they have back-dated my benefits to the initial application about three years ago! Oh joy!. I will archive my extensive file of letters, letters which went missing , faxes and even a form I had to obtain from the commune together with a dinky stamp obtained from the tobacconist for twelve euros ( why I have no idea) Thinl I will lie down in a darkened room. Persistence may have it's reward!



That's good news as having just achieved residency, I am about to forward my application for the reduced tariff. I had naively thought I would merely send my residency confirmation and it would all just happen, albeit slowly and bogged down with unintelligible forms as usual. Terry

 We have at long last just booked flights to Lamezia through Ryanair. We booked Bournemouth to Pisa then Pisa to Lamezia,with only a couple of hours waiting in Pisa.Brilliant or so we thought! Today we got an email from Rynair saying our 2nd flight from Pisa to Lamezia was being altered from 5pm to 10am!! Not good for us as we dont get to Pisa until 14.30. This means we either book a hotel in Pisa and go the next day or cancel both flights and start again and possibly lose money in the process! As its all Ryanair's fault they might give us a refund on one flight but not two.Going to look on their website for more info!!:)

 As someone who has had countless negative encounters with the 'lovely' ENEL people, I can only say congrats for having the staying power and ability to finally get them to listen to you...and act too! Really, really well done!