Rental Property Management Companies in Abruzzo

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10/02/2009 - 14:46

My wife and I are buying a condominium in Vasto Abruzzo that will be completed by March or April 2010.  We are looking for a company that handles rental properties in this area.  Here in the US, in vacation locations, there are companies that will handle all the details of renting you r property, from holding the keys, collecting the weekly rental fee and security deposit, inspecting the property when the guests are due to leave, and arranging for the cleaning between rentals.  But in may visits to Italy, I have not found a management company in Italy that will do all this for a percentage of the rental fee.  I would appreciate any help this group could provide.



 Vasto as a holiday destination and potential rental is a pretty no hoper sort of thing...most probably why no management companies...  who will do it are local estate agents...and most probably the development company you buy through... potential problems i would say is that in the summer there is a distinct lack of water pressure...  and a vast over stock of rentals...