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05/16/2009 - 11:10

I did not want to hijack Ronald's thread on Sardinia and the G8, but following a post on the same topic by Adriatica and my own commennt, I thought that it may be interesting for many to see what we are talking about. On the 19th of April, the Spanish Foreign Ministry announced that Spain will take care of the external restoration of the fort. I found this link which tells us about this extraordinary building and shows the damage suffered during the earthquake., I am very happy and proud about this contribution by my own country, as the people from Abruzzo were very heavily taxed by the Spanish Viceroy, Don Pedro de Toledo, in order to build the fort. It is only fair to pay for its restoration.



thanks gala... this is an excellent way i believe of looking after the "non-essential" rebuilds in the area... and brings links of friendship between the two countries... am sure that when the work is complete we will see a Spanish representative in Abruzzo to cement the friendship ... meantime it will provide esential work for craftspeople of Abruzzo in a time that is hard for all I know... but worse there as regards work

As you say, reconstruction work is going to be very important in order to help local craftspeople and Abruzzo has a long tradition of very talented people.I am sure that a high rank Spanish representative will attend, possibly the King himself, as he was born in Rome during the exile of the Royal Family and he loves Italy.