From Rome to Bagni di Lucca

09/04/2010 - 10:57

Advice wanted.  We need to travel to Bagni di Lucca in November to sign the final bits and pieces for our house in Italy (very exciting!) but our usual flights, Bristol to Pias do not run in the winter.  We can get good flights to Rome however so I now need to work out the best way of travelling from Rome to Bagni di Lucca.  I could hire a car and drive the whole way?  Maybe get the train to Pisa and then hire a car?  Bearing in mind it will just be a few days, probably Wednesday to Saturday, we haven't got much time for messing about.  I've looked a train times which are ok going out but quite tight going back.  How far is it from train station in Rome to the airport (Ciampino)? Flight home goes at 11.40 and the train gets in at something like 10.15 I think!  Might be cutting it fine? If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful. Jan 



Flights in Nov to Pisa   Ryanair Stansted, BA Heathrow. Not sure where you live in England, but might be easier to drive to one of these airports then a short drive to Bagni.

Ryan air run flights most days to Pisa. From Pisa you can take a train, sometimes direct to Bagni di Lucca, or you may have to change at Lucca. It's quite a good service and cheap. Below is a link for a train timetable which you can read in English. A taxi from pisa is a minimum of 70 euros. car hire is more expensive if you just turn up at the airport without pre-booking. better to pre-book.

Thanks everyone.  I'm beginning to think the drive this end is probably the better option although looking at flight times they are not great for us as we live in West Wales so a 4.5 - 5 hour journey to London.  Easyjet do Gatwick to Pisa, reasonable price.  Now looking at staying the night before to catch morning flight - I'm sure it will be worth it!

Wouldn't risk it by train as it can take you an hour to get from the airport to Rome Centrale Station if you time it wrong and with changes at Firenze, it can take you 8 odd hours. Best bet is to either hire a car at Rome, the drive to Bagni is about 5 hours at worst. Or as some one else says fly form another location to Pisa, either Stanstead, Gatwick or even Bournemouth, or may be Birmingham?