09/10/2011 - 10:01

No more complaints from me (for a while....) about Ryanair! I have read with interest, in the past, posts complaining / lauding Ryanair and my sympathies have tended to be with the complainers. Not any more .... at least for a while. I am posting this message as it may help fellow forum members if they, like we, make a mistake in the name of a passenger when booking a flight. We recently booked flights to Italy with Ryanair. The confirmation/payment page did not include the names of the passengers, only the number of passengers. Imagine our horror when the confirmation email from Ryanair came through and we saw that an additional "a" was included in one of the surnames - because that key had been pressed inadvertently when pressing the "s" key next to it. In a bit of a state knowing how much they could charge for a name change I phoned UK Customer Services (I was in Italy at the time) and explained the error. The CS agent answered the phone in seconds, verified the details and then changed the name and sent us through a new email with the correct name ... free of charge. Thank you Ryanair.



yes. I've had a similar problem and a phone call at 10p per minute - unlike you my call did not get answered as quickly but it did put my mind at rest. we noticed these things beforehand, i don't think that ryanair are very forgiving when things are bought to light on the day, though i have heard differing stories. ryanair are definitely good value.