Ryanair - checking in online

06/29/2011 - 09:44

Anyone checked in online lately with Ryanair?Just checked in for our flights next week and only got tickets for outward journey!!Can't find anywhere on the site that helps and every time I try to check in the other direction a message pops up saying I'm already checked in and do I want to reprint my tickets?First time I've ever had problems with this so stuck for a solution and don't wan to ring Ryanair - too expensive!!Would be grateful for any advice please



You can only print the pass from  15 days to 4 hours beforehand so it may be too early  for the return. If you are due to return within 15 days, it may seem a silly question, but do the outward and return flights have the same code? We have often booked the 2 separately in order to take a hold bag just one way - and it's easy to forget! If none above of the above applies and you have tried reprinting with no success then I fear a phone call is unfortunately necessary - probably cheaper to phone than to turn up at the airport without a boarding pass! Good luck.

Just rung Ryanair - approx 3 mins on the phone so that was a surprise and the solution is? You were right Andiamo and Ram, I have to check in again less than 15 days before the flight back to get the return tickets - good job I'm not going for three week or more!!! Why Ryanair have changed the checking in procedure is beyond me but then again, 'ours is not to reason why...........? Thanks for all your replies anyway and I wonder how much additional revenue Ryanair are getting for all those like me who panicked and rang them up?

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Well done, I just think that one should have a feeling of ease and relaxation when agreeing a 'contract' with a supplier (in your case Ryanair). Why on earth do they put people through these tortures to the point that you were dreading ring them up ??? Having said that, a friend of mine recently said that they really LIKE Ryanair............(there were no drugs or alcohol involved !!) S

Ryanair do print on their web site quite comprehensive details of what you can and can't do, and what is required to travel etc. all under their 'Manage My Booking' section. Before you go wasting money on their premium rate 'Customer Service' line DO look at this.

I actually love Ryanair but on this occasion I searched for a solution on their 'Manage my Booking' section and even sent an email for details on 'how to check in online' but nowhere could I find it written down that we had to print off boarding tickets separately. I imagined, as has happened in the past, that they would automatically print off all together when I booked in. Silly me! But all sorted now so I can relax and look forward to two week in my favourite spot - Primaore!!!!

Much as Ryanair keeps us on our toes by changing routes, times, procedures, costs etc the simple truth is that without low cost flights I would have never been able to afford to have the life I have had since 2001 with regular trips between Sardinia and the UK. I read the small print, travel light, choose my dates of travel with discernment, cultivate a patient attitude should there be a delay (and I have had memorable ones...) and therefore I have not joined the "I hate Ryanair" club. I can even tolerate Michael O'Leary's publicity stunts and the girly calendar now...!