Ryanair Credit Card

11/10/2012 - 09:07

In today's GuardianRyanair have announced their credit card will now be liable to the same charges as other credit cards - so the end of no charge bookings



 A bit of nose and spiting face action there Penny, every one knows what they are in for when they book Flights with Ryanair, and it is still cheaper to use them in many cases than the scheduled alternatives. Also they fly to locations many other airlines wouldn't touch. I'm sure many on this Forum would not be able to visit their homes here or fly back to the UK as easily if it weren't for Ryanair. They have opened up European travel for a multitude of people that could only dream of such things prior to 'Budget Airlines'. I don't hold with a lot of their ethics, and would be happier if they made their pricing policy more transparent, but Eh you know the cost before you actually buy the ticket.

And it's not exactly Ryanair's own card, even though it may have their name on it - that's not quite how it works. On a different tack, I've flown Ryan "a few times" and only ever had good experiences. They also are known to have the most modern fleet in the air.

Ryanair also drop routes too....even ones which have been really popular and consistently full. Because Ryanair established routes from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Rome for years and have now suddenly dropped them there is now no longer a flight to Rome from anywhere in Scotland with any airline! Don't you think that's surprising? As Scottish residents we bought near Rome never imagining in a life of Sundays that it was such an important route worth it would never be dropped...alas!!

... in winter perhaps, but Jet2 still do Glasgow to Rome from March - October. Alan_h is quite correct that people should never assume flights will always be there (sure you didn't), but some places like Rome it's a very good bet you can get there one way or another. We are much more flexible than we used to be because of this we have much more choice (we have the time also), it is nothing/little to us to change flights, even with a 5-6 hour wait between, we simply work around it... Often stopping over is cheaper than another route and if the place is nice - why not...   :)

"..................... we bought near Rome never imagining in a life of Sundays that it was such an important route worth it would never be dropped...alas!!" Anyone thinking about getting a holiday home in Italy should consider how you are going to access the place - relying on one transport provider is always risky, and should be avoided if possible.  This is one of the advantages of a place 'up north', near the lakes - my place [near Lake Maggiore] is drivable in a day in an emergency, [and with a couple of overnight stops makes a very pleasant start to the holiday], has 3 airports within 90 minutes [Turin, Milan Malpensa and Bergamo, plus Geneva as a back up], and can be reached in a day by train - so access isn't a major concern. [There are also no Brits in the area, which is a major plus].  It gets harder the farther south you go, and this should be factored into any consideration of "where to buy?", rather than just going where the sun is.