Ryanair to Pisa

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09/18/2009 - 16:57

Does anybody know  if Ryanair publicise the withdrawal of their routes anywhere? It looks as though all the north of England winter flights to Pisa are off and the Liverpool Pisa flight isn't showing for spring next year either. Seems strange as I expected a reduced frequency but not to see them taken out of service. They've always seemd to be busy. Anyone any knowledge?



I've never seen a list of Ryannair ceased routes - a couple of years ago (the week after we signed our papers for our house) they dropped Liverpool Ancona but it was never announced - it just never came back on the schedule (sadly) - you just have to hope (unlike Ancona) it comes back in the summer.Chris

On the contrary, you have to glean it from the schedule and they do not publish all schedules at the same time so it is difficult to know if they have not announced it yet or if it has been discontinued. I am guessing that they have dropped the East Midlands / Pisa flights this winter (currently 4 times a week) but there has been no announcement - just not there on the booking schedule. The map is no help either as of course the route is still there as they fly to Pisa until the change of schedule on 25th October!!

A number of the low-fare carriers are re-thinking their routes and there have been rumours - I saw one on the BBC News website a couple of weeks ago - that RyanAir may pull out of the UK as their main base due to these stupid taxes our esteemed government has put in place.  EasyJet are pulling out of Manchester next year I believe - was on the Beeb news over the weekend.   EasyJet are saying that because they have not yet actually pulled out or formally announced it and are in the 90-day consultation period with staff they are legally allowed to still publish flights.   And if you book one you may not get anything back.There are also concerns that other airlines may bypass the UK and go to Schipol or one of the other main European hubs rather than Heathrow as the primary European terminal.  The sooner the govt ditch these taxes the better! 

Years ago I worked with some planners who were doing a consultative document on the '3rd London Airport' and the threat of using Schipol etc as European hub was current then... not sure Stansted really counts as 3rd London Airport?  I think that was the result of those studies.  Everything here seems to be on hold because of upcoming general election and credit crunch, but the railways seem to be taking on the airlines for inter Britain travel... maybe all the regional airports will be less busy?  I suppose our carbon footprints will improve with less flights.  These are uncertain times for airlines and passengers... just have to keep checking the timetables and paying with credit cards....