For Sagraiasolar

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06/12/2011 - 16:24

  Hi Sagraiasolar, I need to pm you, but don't know how the pm(ing) works!! :-( BL



Now - the most bizarre thing - I know I have 'personally' e-mailed sagraisolar, through this site, so I thought it would be a piece of piss to direct you to his e-mail (through this site). So I had a go at this (after all, this site is supposed to be the admin's idea of the apogee of social networking (lol)) and I failed dismally. So, consulting my personal address book, sagraisolar (is,was) available at . Good luck - he certainly seems to be pretty solid on solar issues!

Just got back from a bit of camping near Grossetto to find your messages and sorry to see comms are problematic. I'm happy to be contacted directly on The web site has also had problems but I'm hoping to get it back to very soon.... the trouble was something we all suffer from here... can't buy an English speaking web service from an Italian address coz the postcode is not UK'ish enough.... so I've re-registered the site to an Australian host.