Salve!I have bit of a dilemma regarding my codice

02/18/2024 - 15:53


I have bit of a dilemma regarding my codice fiscal. My parents were born in Sicily and moved to the United States in their 30's. My brother and I were born her in the USA. When my parents retired they retired in Italy and bought a condo. My mother also had a plot of land. When my father passed away my mother wanted to my brother and I on the deed to the condo and the land. I was given a codice fiscal under my married name because that is what it said on my USA passport. Recently my mother passed and right before she passed away my brother, my kids and I obtained Italian citizenship. Everything worked out well except that the commune did not recognize my married name. I was given an id card with a new codice finale. So the dilemma is that I have two identities. The one identity with my maiden has dual citizenship, is married and has two kids. The other identity with my married name is married is an American citizen and owns a condo and has a plot of land. Is it possible to merge the two identities together. As of right now I can't even pay my IMU online because the person with that id card doesn't own anything. Help please!




If you are in Italy, you must go to the municipality offices, with both your passports, both tax codes, the birth certificate - if you are in the USA, bring the same documents to the Italian consulate, competent for the territory - and ask to unify the two tax codes

As a dual citizen (Italian and American), your tax liability depends on your residency and assets.
If you spend at least 183 days a year in Italy or own assets there, you are eligible for paying taxes in Italy. Otherwise, you are not obliged to declare anything to Italian authorities.
Unlike the US, where citizens must disclose all generated income, in Italy, you simply declare that you are not living in the country to be exempt from taxes.
If you are registered as a resident in an Italian city or own property in Italy, you will have to pay taxes as per the law: online-and-tax-liability/