Second home owners in L'aquila province

10/24/2009 - 13:27

Does anyone have any idea when second home owners will know when the government aid is or will be available to them or when historic centers will be rebuilt?



 if your application has not been aproved i pretty well think its finished now... as regards time scales... the priority is being given to residents... without their own roofs over their normal Italian style i would have thought that churches will be next...if not before... and then historic centres... the rest in the past at least can go blow... although miraculously in L'Aquila people without homes have been given new homes already with several thousand almost ready... this for Italy is a first.. quakes in the past 100 years have seen people...well their descendants still living in huts...

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As far as I am aware there are still no applications for government funding in red zones for people to apply for - just wondered if anyone knew when they would be announced - there must be a lot of Italian second home owners as well as foreign buyers who are anxious to know when they can apply

 i think...almost sure that whatever zone you were/are in your property should have been checked as to damage,the degree and if its habitable/non habitable and those results lodged with the comune technical office and then onto the protection civile..  the last part is the comunes job...however the comune issued forms for people with damage to have filled in by their technical people after checking and this phase is now finished... if you had your property checked and its damage notified then its a question of time... if you have not done that first part... there is maybe a procedure to do this after the time limit is closed but then you will be at the back of a very long queue ...