Selling jewelry, gold

11/25/2009 - 08:11

Hi, we are trying to liquidate some antique jewelry and gold from an uncle's estate.  One of the items is a platinum ring with a very nice, large diamond.  We are wary of taking these items to just any jeweler.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, honest jewelry buyer?


For what it's worth there has been a lot in the papers recently about companies who buy gold and jewellery whereby you send your property in an envelope and they send a cheque in return - the main bone of contention is the small amount of monies paid as opposed to the actual value.I would either try and find a private buyer or a reputable jeweller who deals in second hand jewellery.Personally I would love a platinum ring with large diamond but unfortunately probably couldn't afford it. Lorraine

I agree with Lorraine, if the jewellery includes a platinum ring with a large diamond it may also include some other interesting pieces and gold dealers are only going to pay by weight. I would suggest that a trip to a Rome to see an antique jewellery dealer may be worth the trouble.

There is an excellent, trustworthy jewellers in Porto San Giorgio we have used who I would recommend. He makes his own jewellery too so I would imagine he would buy stuff:

Gioielleria 18 Carati Di Campagna G. Gioielleria Oreficeria

63017 Porto San Giorgio (FM)26, VIA SIMONETTI FAUSTOtel: 0734 673257