By succession law, we inherited a house. Our names are

04/24/2023 - 05:34

By succession law, we inherited a house. Our names are on the catasta. I want to sell my portion. Can I do so without getting my two sisters involved?



No not really.  You can sell your quota, but nobody will want a third of a house apart from your sisters probably.  Only a judge can decide if the house is physically divisible and then it could be split into 3 with each of owning a third.    If it isnt physically divisible you have to find or force  an agreement

Realistically if you want to sell your quota, you need to offer it to your sisters first who have the choice to buy you out.   If they dont want to and you want force the sale there will be mediation and lawyers involved, and you might after many years get the decision you want. 

Your response is difficult to understand. Are you a lawyer and certain of what you are saying? It is now 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 each name. If I die, then what does that deed/catasta mean? I have no children.  It will still say 1/3 1/3 1/3 till someone changes it. My two sisters not good at getting things done. I am also having trouble keeping up w legalities.  I would rather have my portion given to a cousin in Italy who will be able to handle the legalities of Italian law, and not risk losing the house to foreclosure (not paying the required bills which I pay now through the direction of this cousin). I want to either gift it or sell it to her and that way it will remain "in the family".

Modicasa is correct and i speak from family experience.

These things can just get left and then become more complicated over time.  I'm not sure but given that you don't have any direct heirs so called 'eredi necessarie' then I think you can write a simple will just stating who you want to be your heir for the property.  It might not be as robust as one via a notary but it works as a back stop otherwise I suspect your share goes to your sisters and then their children so it becomes ever more complicated to gather people together and get an agreement.