Taking the plunge... at last

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10/07/2012 - 06:56

Looks like maybe our favourite scouser has decided to move. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23787150.htmlNaples might be in for a treat then.Pilch


I guarantee Scousers and Neapolitans would never dream of attaining the standards of your home Pilch! For example, have you noticed how spotlessly clean this Crosby home you are advertising is? Yet another epic fail Pilch. wink

Sorry Flip, but why is the owner devoid of taste or class?  They have furnished their home in a way that obviously pleases and suits them - which in my opinion is far better than following the flock in uniformity and so called fashion.

You have seen the pictures I take it? If you think that style of Decor is fine, and not a tad 'busy' then perhaps you would be happy with Stevie Wonder as your Interior Designer. Before anyone starts on me for the above reference, it is meant as a joke...... pretty similar to the person who thought up their scatter cushion arrangement.

It's not important if I think the decor is fine or a tad busy or not Flip - it's not my house - I don't live there and I'm not thinking of purchasing this house - or any other - at this time.  However, if I wanted to move to Crosby and this house was the type of house I was interested in,  I would not let any decor or furnishing style put me off.  I would pay great attention to the size, location, condition and price of the property only and so, as this house appears to be large, located in a very good area of Crosby, in an excellent, well maintained, clean  and obviously loved condition and also very well priced, I, unlike Pilch, (who posted this only to take the piss and a sly sideswipe at Scousers and Neapolitans), would seriously consider buying this house over - lets say for example - Pilch's little wooden hut or soggy cardboard box.