Tax Help required please

01/23/2012 - 20:13

Hello everyone. It seems ignorance is not bliss but possibly detrimental to your well being and your wallet.Can anyone help with suggesting an English speaking accountant to assist with taxation matters either in the Cassino area or in the UK (south east preferably ) we have a property in Cassino with two separate apartments one of which we wish to rent out. We want to do it right by the rules of the Italian tax system and not think we have done it right only to find our selves sliding down a greasy pole into the abyss of legalities penalties etc. Thanks, good forum



This old thread may be of help; however, someone may come up with good addresses. We have dealt with similar problems in the past and I advise you to do a search (top, right hand corner) using words such as accountant, double taxation, property income. You may get quite a lot of information. Good luck!

Dear David, If you could pm me or write to me at I can recommend an excellent English speaking accountant in Rome. She has worked for years with one of the big names and is setting up her own consultancy business for private clients (mainly overseas clients with tax issues in Italy or Italians with tax issues abroad.) I could put you in contact with her directly to get an estimate of costs. She is quite a rare find as she is experienced in dealing with this sort of issue. Charlotte

Was surprised to read the headline ' don't bother with Michael Murphy' as I felt it was going to imply negative thoughts about their service, - when I continued to read it just indicated that they were not taking on new clients. I have used them now for around 3 years, and their service for me has been faultless.  I know that there are only the two of them - Michael and Anna, his partner, that they have no employees and as a consequence they are probably not willing to take on more work then they can reasonably handle if want to continue with their quality of service, but I do understand that they are still giving consultancy advice. It is definately worth contacting them ask whether they can help.