Is there a guide to planning fees?

03/14/2011 - 07:17

We have finally been told that we have planning permission to add a small extension of 25sqm and pool 10x6.  We are just waiting for the official document to be sent from the Regione when the town hall fees become payable, which I am told are in the region of €2,000. I appreciate that the fees will vary between communes but is there a general guide as to fees payable?


It's really just about impossible to give a guideline on 'planning fees'. Your €2000 seems about right because it sounds as if you have obtained a 'full planning permission', and added a small amount of volume, plus the pool. Having needed a full permission (rather than a DIA) you get into a situation where the fees payable are calculated as a percentage of the costs of doing the work - which is roughly equal in all comunes. I think the bulk of this fee doesn't actually remain in the hands of the comune, it goes to the state - the part of the fee which does remain with the comune is slightly variable. You have to pay the fee (to the comune) in order to 'ritirare' your permission, and then you can start work. When you have finished the work you should have to pay your geometra another fee for him to add your new works to the catastal register - but this will be much less, (basically you'll be paying him for printing some new drawings and delivering them to the comune, and paying some small admin fees.)

Thank you for your reply.  I did want to check I was not paying 'over the odds'! I do need to find out whether it is 'full planning permission' because I thought it was an extension to the DIA because we restricted our planning to only 25sqm as you are allowed to add this area to provide essential services bathrooms/kitchens etc to a historical renovation.  It also leaves the 'allowed planning' that is set out in the deeds to remain intact so that we could build another house on the land ( we don't)