Touch Rugby

05/20/2009 - 05:10

If anyone has a passion for Rugby either as a spectator or even player you'll be most welcome at the Tascapa' Touch Tournament, held every other wednesday evening beginning 27 May and going on 'ad infinitum' at San Savino di Ripatransone. The pitch is the small 5-a-side field at the top of the hill, and the after match '3rd half' is compulsary (also great fun and food) at the Restaurant San Savino. The whole event is informal, and anyone who wants to play simply turns up and is allocated a team. No prizes, no trophies, just the chance to get together.For more info call me on 338 2105315 or e-mail jeppo678@virgilio.itAndrew



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H) Moxie; I'd like to think I had great legs, but at 57 years of age they have all on to keep me standing at times! Most of the players that I coach however have excellent pins, unfortunately some of them - being Italians - think it trendy to shave / wax etc. I just think they look rather effeminate for rugby players, however.... Vanity rules!

Shaved?? Waxed?? Ugh. Was about to hop into my car but I'll give it a miss until they get hairy again...Sorry this is not the best rugby chat you've ever had is it? Just wait until Spacehopper joins the group he plays still even though he is ancient! Think he coaches the littlies too...I'll keep you company until somebody that appreciates more than Rugby player's physiques arrives :) Hope to see you at the BBQ for L'Aquila?Mox

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Hi Mox; don't know anything about the BBQ for L'Aquila; where will it be held? Wre've already sent a collection via our club - Legio Picena - and I've personally sent a load of kit etc. to Paganica Rugby. We also charge all the players 5 euros to take part in the touch tournament, and taht may well go to the earthquake fund. Personally I have a few mates that play at L'Aquila, and their strength of character is incredible. One - actually an Ital/South African; wouldn't leave the zone even when told to as he was so involved.

In reply to by Andrew are the Marche Chapter fundraising team we collected human food in the first few days following the disaster, then we collected nearly a ton of dog food and took it to the kennels at Paganica and now we are holding a splendid event on the 21st June (with dancing chickens) all proceeds to the forum fund which goes via the red cross directly to L'Aquila.Great to hear you and your boys have been collecting! :bigsmile: