Travelling through France - UK Quarantine  Looks like

08/07/2020 - 03:27

Travelling through France - UK Quarantine 


Looks like people travelling through France to the UK could well be soon required to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks on their entry into the UK.

Not an official report yet, but BBC is 'warning' travellers that it is likely.

If I were on holiday in Italy, and driving back, I'd set out now!

Looks like my September trip is off





Anyone travelling through Belgium who arrives in UK after 0400hrs  on Saturday morning will have to quarantine for 2 weeks


UK quarantine applies now

     Area of Uncertainty 

The only thing that isn't clear is whether you have to quarantine if you drive straight through without anyone entering or leaving the car whatsoever.   (Food, petrol, or toilet stops, breakdowns, accidents etc would mean quarantine anyway)

I've heard opposite views on TV, from a Minister and a "Travel Expert"

Alan ,

great britain, is preparing for BREXIT, from December, exits from the shenghen treaty - for all european nations, it will be, for the purposes of law, a not-eu country - and equally for the UK, the whole EU will be a normal third country - Probably the quarantine will be reciprocal -

Do you come to Italy as a tourist or as a resident?

Ugo, thank you for your response.

My post was solely about the risk of being quarantined on returning overland from italy to the uk.

With the way infection rates are going in europe, travelling by car or rail looks fraught with the risk of quarantine when you get to the uk.

As well as the problem with avoiding Belgium and Luxembourg (I'm not convinced that not stopping in those countries when driving through will allow you to avoid quarantine), infection rates are rising in France and the Netherlands.   Switzerland also has problems, especially in the Geneva area.... .. .. So I'm 95% certain that my trip to my holiday house near Lake Orta in September won't happen.

Travel after Brexit doesn't worry me unduly.  It's in the EU's interest to allow UK residents entry, remembering that we never were inside Schengen anyway. So current arrangement will probably be reproduced after Brexit.


Let's hope that Italy continues to control the virus as  well as they are now.

Alan ,

if you leave from lake orta in the direction of Dover and vice versa - with a good car, crossing germany, you should be at your destination, with 1/2 stops just to get petrol - to eat, maybe it's better to bring something from home - about to Brexit, Italy does not decide but the eu of which Italy is a part, and even if Italy would gladly do without this novelty, unfortunately it will have to adapt :(


Alan ,

soon all the nations of the world will protect their citizens, in the only currently known way, quarantine - these limits to our freedom of movement, will become an integral part of our lives - at least until a vaccine is found - What worries , is that after Covid-19 ... 20 will arrive .. and so on

We've are driving straight back from Italy to U.K. At the moment, stopping only at Aires in France for loo stops and paying at pump in service stations. So, as we are not having contact with people in France, under current government guidelines, we don't need to quarantine in U.K. upon return. We've done this a couple of times recently with no problems. We just make sure we complete the online government form before arriving at Calais. 

I see that Ferry companies are complaining as only Eurotunnel users can avoid quarantine, and ferry users [even if they "non-stop"] have to quarantine.

It is very interesting to know what is the current situation with trips to the United Kingdom. Are there any quarantine restrictions now, or is this issue no longer relevant after widespread vaccination?
I will be grateful for any information! And another unusual question: where have you traveled in the last 2 years, which destinations do you recommend the most?

Hi Morgan. There are currently no travel restrictions for those fully vaccinated. At the moment in Italy you are still required to show your Covid pass (NHS). So travel is now much easier.
As regards places to visit in Italy, so much choice! As we are based in northern Italy we have mainly explored the Italian Lakes, Verona, Prosecco, Bologna, Venice (all of which we’d recommend) but have also ventured down to Puglia (Matera is a must) and also the wine regions around Sienna. You really can’t go wrong! Have a great time. 

Thank you very much for gathering up-to-date information on travel conditions and even writing travel destination options in Italy. I really appreciate it and will soon start planning at least some trip with my friends. I had a hard time with the quarantine period because I couldn't travel, and my studies went completely online. The number of assignments has grown significantly and I have rarely been able to cope because it is difficult for me. I started using some helpful hints because even on the subject of travel it is difficult for me to write something good. That's why this site helped me a lot and I'm glad I found it then. I recommend all students to try, you will not regret it.

I am glad that now I can travel again!

Just travelled back from Italy on Tuesday via Monte Bianco.

First time no restrictions, checks, test, locaters any where.

Just like the old days. Let's how it stays like  this.