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03/24/2013 - 12:03

Anyone know the best place to buy tyres in the Amandola area.



Possibly one of the cheapest - though not as community-spirited as bunterboy's suggestion - is to use Pneus Online. They are based in France but have made arrangements with local people to fit the tyres. Way it works is you choose and buy online, then select a local guy for them to deliver to. You contact the local guy and he calls you when the tyres arrive for him to fit them. I had one done, for which he charged me about €10 for fitting and balancing. Great service. TK 

I think you need to make friends with a local garage, who will be the person who MOTs and services your car, and fixes any other problems you may have, they should also have the facility for supplying and fitting your winter tyres and storing as appropriate to the season, there are people on this forum closer to Amandola than us, hopefully they can advise.

... a German company with an Italian Affiliate   really cheap tyres couriered speedily.  The UK affiliate is Mytyres so there are a couple of ways of finding the site. You have to deal throught the Italian one though.

are not something to play around with or buying the cheapest available chinese rubbish (which can be very cheap) if you live in Amandola you'll need to think about thermal tyres (thats winter tyres) still technically oblogatory until i think around 15th april even though it's already spring.There are plenty of places to buy tyres in the area-Comunanza i believe it's on the right as you're entering comunanza from Amandola, on the far end of servigliano last road on the right before the bridge it's in the big shed with an external car wash (a bit expensive that one) i take the trouble to drive down to just before campiglione on the fermo road to RIFER GOMME it's a huge shed on the industrial area on the right usually has a lot of lorries getting their tyres fixed.This place has good prices,all brands and they are available and they take 2 minutes to change them you can pay by card,you get a receipt it's worth the extra mile.

We always used TR Gomme in Comunanza on the industrial estate near elettroidea (or whatever they are calling themselves this week). Good prices, excellent service and he'll store your other set of tyres when you are not using them. He also sells snow chains and will show you how to fit them - especially of Lucy goes to buy them!

Try the Opel garage, just out of Amandola on the Fermo road, he normally gives good prices, have used him the most times. The other place is on the industrial estate as you leave Amandola on the Communanza road, take the first right and go to the end and it is on the r/h side