unperfumed soap etc.

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10/10/2009 - 14:26

My OH has , in recent years, developed a reaction to perfumed soap, shower gel, shampoo etc. as well as to certain dyes. In England he is fine using the 'Simple' range of toiletries. Because of hand luggage restrictions I haven't been able to take enough of these to Italy and cant seem to find an Italian equivalent in supermarkets. Has anyone got a similar problem and, if so, have they any advice on where to find a product in Italy at reasonable price?thankspam



Alma, you have to look at the labels and those that state "senza profumo" should be fine.In Italy the sell "Dove Cream Bar Extra Sensitive" which does not contain perfume and it is available in large supermarkets. It is reasonable priced. Also, for general washing do the same or try "Vea Bucato Sapone Naturale Senza Profumo".If you find any particular product worth recommending, please let everyone know. There are many people with sensitive skins who can't use the average commercial products. It would also be interesting to mothers with young children and babies.

Thankyou Gala. We wont be going again till next year but I'll look out for what you suggest. It's surprising how many items labelled "sensitive" are actually packed with chemicals. On our longer visits we do take a bag in the hold, but last time I didn't stock up enough as I thought I would be able to easily find something in Italy.By the way, did you ever try the panoramic road above the Cinque Terre? We took a friend along it in September and again hardly saw another car.

Alma, I was about to suggest that you also look into the local fairs to find homemade products without additives. Cinnamon soap is excellent. You can also start making your own soap and home cleaning products, which will be safer than commercial varieties. Here is some excellent information: www.soapnaturally.org/soap_recipes/index.htmlAnd I have not driven through the panoramic road above the Cinque Terre, We generally catch the train from La Spezia. It is on my list of things to do, though...

My husband has eczema and we've found it a bit of a nightmare getting unperfumed things here but here are a few products we have foundBody wash for bath or shower- there is a company called Avalon that do bath or shower oils based on oat proteins that are fragrance free and moisturizing- it's not cheap though the bath stuff is about €10 for 250mlBody lotion- Colomer Natural Honey Lozione Idratante Lentiva per Pelli Sensibili is great and cheap- less than €3 for 400ml. However I've had a bit of trouble locating it during the last couple of months so have just emailed the company to check it is still available in ItalySuntan lotion- Clinians do some unperfumed aftersun and their products for sensitive skin don't usually have fragrance in themAs far as washing powder and fabric conditioner goes we still have to get people to bring Surcare over from the UK for us (we are both allergic to fragranced washing products) or for lower temperature washes we use washing balls which are quite effective

After being recommended by everyone as the best and purist soap, I have taken to using Sapone di Marsiglia for everything. For personal use and laundry I love it as it has a smell of 'days gone by'. Although Italian woman say how pure and wonderful it is for the skin I'm not sure if that authentic smell is natural or not so you would have to check first.

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