Value of tree for fire wood

07/30/2010 - 08:47

One of our neighbors has asked us if he could buy one of our large false Acacia trees that we have on our land - since it makes very good fire wood. By us it is ok, but I do not know how much money we should ask for it. Most villagers use firewood and we are one of the few that own a bit of bosco, so we think that the best would be to ask a fair price in case other neighbors will approach us for fire wood in the future. Does anyone have an idea what it is worth?



From memory I think 1 quintale was about Eur 50 - 100kg's of properly seasoned fire wood, you could get a lot of quintale's out of a mature tree but it wont be seasoned. Personally I would treat every tree I own as a valuble commodity casue I have a couple of stuffa's and woods chaeper than gas. If you have fire / log burner I would keep the wood for myself.

Cut/dried and delivered to my door, cut to (roughly the size) for my stufe = I pay circa 14 Euros per quintale (mixed woods, oak, false acacia and others) The false acacia grows a little like weed here and is reckoned to be VERY good wood for burning, with little smoke or spitting. Very hard and has VERY sharp spikes. There was a chart on this Forum a year or two ago giving all the differing aspects of wood regards to their burning qualities........ S

Thank you for your help, even though it is still difficult to value the tree. As Sprostoni wrote, it grows like weed on our land, so we have more of it. We will not install a stufa until next year and we are mostly here in the summer, but I think we will wait for him to make us an offer and decide after that.