Veneto Tips!

08/31/2021 - 10:07

Hello everyone! We're working on the fall issue of Bellissimo magazine and are will be covering all that is captivating and curious about the region of Veneto. Do you have any special travel memories and tips you'd like to share? Maybe a historic artisan workshop in a quiet corner of Venice, an opera performance in Verona's Arena, a winery visit in the Prosecco hills, a day exploring the Palladian villas, or a ski trip to the Dolomites. Comment here with your stories...we can't wait to read them!


Rebecca (acting editor) and the rest of the Italy Magazine team 

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One of my favorite places in the Veneto region is Possagno. It’s in a beautiful setting right up against the Dolomites and possibly my favorite museum in Italy is there - the Gipsoteca di Canova. When you visit the museum you see not only a one of a kind collection of Canova’s sculptures in gesso which he used as models for the final works, but also the stunning architecture of the wing built to house them plus you can visit his home which includes his studio and some of his drawings and paintings.  Right across the way is the Temple he designed where his tomb is (there’s also another tomb where his heart is interred in Venice in the Frari). Da non perdere! 

I suggest a stop at Isola di San Michele on your way to or from Burano. The cemetery  island features strangely romantic art/sculpture from as early as the 1800s. Admission is free.