WARNING Ryanair weighing hand luggage

07/03/2009 - 09:57

Just a bit of a heads-up! Ryanair were weighing hand baggage on the Limoges - Luton flight on Tuesday and on the Stansted - Dublin today!! Thay are perhaps having a bit of a purge. Anyone got any updates please post as I am on the Stansted - Ciampino on Tuesday!! Pip pip 



They always check my small wheeled suitcase at Pisa when I go back to the UK, when I usually have next to noyhing in it, but never seen to weigh the huge holdalls that people have. These holdalls are obviously much bigger than the dimensions they give on the website, and it always annoys me that my bag is smaller than the average, but is always weighed!I am worried that the plane will be top heavy as so many people have hand luggage and if the hold is empty.....????!!

We have had our hand luggage weighed on all the Ryanair flights we have been on in at least the last 2 years. Either Ancona or  Pescara to Stanstead or Ciampino to East Midlands. One time on the return flight from Stanstead to Pescara, our hand luggage was weighed at the check in desk and again at the entrance to the security checking area, so do not think you are safe even after the initial check in. This is even though our bag is well within the size allowed.  Please be aware also that they make you put any handbags you may have inside your hand luggage - only 1 piece allowed inside the cabin in total!

We have always had our hand luggage weighed, especially the last two years- (Düsseldorf (Weeze) – Milan and Düsseldorf Weeze – Stansted)My hand luggage in February was 11.5 instead of 10 kg so I had to repack it there and then. The check in clerk suggested that we fill our coat pockets with small items, which we did! Remember a handbag counts as hand luggage as does a laptop. You are only allowed one piece of hand luggage. If you have a handbag and or laptop, they will ask you to put it into your hand luggage suitcase and then they re-weigh it. 

It's about time too in my opinion. Too many times has my flight been delayed in taking off because of a minority of people ignoring the weight/dimension rule with their hand luggage. They'll soon stop if they get refused boarding. It's not nice I know, but really it's the only way.

I have to agree with you!! We always keep to the weight and size rules and are really frustrated when we see other people taking the mickey!! They never seem to get stopped or weighed either! We are going out from Stanstead on weds so we will be watching what happens.

Ours has always been weighed as far as I can remember in Liverpool or Manchester.In May we flew with jet2.com and stupidly I didn't check the dimensions of my hand luggage bag which is right for Ryanair which I assumed would be the stingiest measurements of all.... sadly it was too big, I had to put it in the box thing at check in, fortunately we could check it in the hold for £15 rather than whatever horrors of excess baggage we would have paid with Bryanair.

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I noticed when looking at Ryanair flights recently that the online check in fee is given at the beginning with the taxes and things. Is this then deducted later if there is only hand luggage and no bag to check in the hold? 

Never been weighed yet for East Midlands and Birmingham to Pisa (and return) but did see someone being sent back at security at Pisa as they were checking the sizes of bags in the little stand.