Watching TV7 on Rai 1 where there is a report regarding

05/15/2009 - 18:14

Watching TV7 on Rai 1 where there is a report regarding businesses in the La Maddalena area that have been left wondering how to deal with having the G8 event moved to L'Aquila - while it seems that hosting the G8 there will help Abruzzo it just seems as a bad sign of the times that the only way the government can help is by moving a big event there and leaving people who have counted on the event coming their way high and dry still it is a testament to the businesses involved that while they discuss their problems they also realize that others are well in mode need.



I feel sorry for the people of La Maddalena as they had very high expectations. At the same time, I am not sure whether moving the event to Abruzzo is going to bring any real benefit to the victims. And it is not difficult to realise that the staging is going to be a logistics nightmare.

in my opinion... not having a G8 meeting is most probably pretty good for the area... especially in Italy... we still holding trials and investigations here over the damage caused to people and homes during the last one... with Italy having a very strong anarchist movement and the ability of the secuity people to act against problems without fear of repercussions... no forward planning in terms of trying to at least diffuse situations... Sardinia should count itself lucky...basically the wheeze of having it in L'aquila means that any demos will be hard to set up...because its being used politically at least as a support thing for how can they protest... its going to cost 90 million as against 400 for security... and any saving is supposed to be added to the relief appeal pot... its aimed at getting the leaders of the countries that visit to make declarations over restoration of the places such as the Spanish fort... huge cost being farmed out to i think the US ... but anyway some of the big cultural rebuilds will be assignedanother point that gets missed the day all the big wigs move to a country they shut all the airspace around the airports... in the mid tourist season for sardinia i would have felt this would be a major disaster... flight delays beyond the norm and very little chance of alternate landings anywhere general here in the centre of Italy... Ciampino Rome is used ... and closed off for normal traffic... with Pescara then used as the alternate... with a 2 hour bus ride back to Rome... so if they do it that way this time.... it could be handy for people using the rome airport to get here to abruzzo... cuts out the drive from Rome... however there is a military air base near L'aquila ... i guess they might be using thatas for Sardinia... i think and it all seems like ages ago there is was another meeting planned it a G20 on either economics or green issues... that will be held there after the summer... again to my mind a benefit above the G8 because it will not disturb the tourist season... am sure hotels there and summer businesses will not require any boost... but an event that extends the season... all those reporters etc...needing ice creams and local food ...will go a long way to helping the economy to a much greater degree... so the conferences halls etc will be used.. Sardinia... will be in the worlds headlines for a week with lots of stunning backdrops... so an equitable situation for all... and hopefully very little trouble.... with Sardinia and the end of it all being happy along with abruzzo

your right gala... discussions are under way in that sense and i guess it also makes sense... so thanks for putting me right on that spanish fort...spain.. i think Obama might get suckered into the cathedral restoration...i know this is gong off topic a bit but its quite interesting the wiki article on L'Aquila... not famed say like florence or venice and nor should it be ...but it does have a very strong history ...'Aquilabasically a traditional but dying old town of the 21 st century and has little reason in a modern world... it has always had trouble with earthquakes and the numbers killed in the past reflect the standards of what some might call ancients builds keeping you safe... a massive misconception to my mind... all the buildings apart from those built via the council and not built properly having suffered damage whilst the private stock of new and or properly renovated private properties none at allthe only building left standing in onna i believe is a modern new private house built to reg...