We (anne and kent) are booked next April for 7 weeks

06/13/2023 - 12:17

We (anne and kent) are booked next April for 7 weeks in Florence in a VRBO .........

Thoughts ?

Day trips ?

Phones in Italy ?

We are really excited ........

Events in Tuscany ?





Lucky you. If you are UK based than make sure you are with one of the mobile phone providers that don't pénalisé EU roaming.

For events just check on line with tourist offices as the holiday season starts to get under way with Easter. Easter Monday is a big holiday and the 25 April is liberation day so another national holiday.

There is no point telling you about sights as Tuscany had more guide books than you can shake a stick at. To get around to the usual Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence itself then download the Trenitalia app as it works in English and easy to use for times and tickets plus trains are good. Less obvious destinations are Bologna, Pistoia and Pontedera for the free Piaggio Vespa Museum near the station.

Just make sure that you allow time to just chill, to live Florence, find a local bar (cafe) and make it your regular for a cappuccino and un pezzo dolce.

Lucky you.