We are gathering information on

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02/26/2016 - 17:17

We are gathering information on building a swimming pool in Southern Italy.  We are wondering how much does it cost in electricity to run a 5 x 10m, 1.5m d pool ( we do not run dishwashers, air conditioners or any other high loading stuff), and if a 3kw supply will be sufficient to run this size pool?  We are planning on project managing this ourselves because we have the time and to save costs.  Any tips or advice on where to obtain a filter, pump, pipes, tiles and specific grout would be appreciated.  Thanks



You will need to up your electricity definitely.  As to whether you can project manageit, it will depend on your comune - as you need  permission which comes with a professional attached who has to be in charge of site saftey and works - all of which you cannot do by law.   You cant just dig a pool because the neighbours have one.   It would be a very expensive mistake. 

We have a 7.5m x 15m pool.  When we bought the house some 11 years ago we only had a 3 kw supply. (we have upped it since - but not because of the swimming pool). The swimming pool will only need electricity when the pump is being used to clean the water.  Our pump has a timer on it - so we set it to go off twice a day at a time when we are not likely to be using electricity for cooking, washing , etc.