We are purchasing a home in the Chieti region of

01/02/2023 - 13:56

We are purchasing a home in the Chieti region of Abruzzo. It comes with about 20+ acres of scrub farmland. Nothing is growing on it now but weeds and scrub brush. What would it take to obtain a declaration of an Agritourismo on this land? What do we need to do in terms of planting or fencing for it to be considered and how do we go about getting the declaration? What are the pros and cons of doing so?



You mean agriturismo o turismo rurale?.  Assuming you meant the first, you have a long way to go.  The principal of agriturismo is that you go to an agriturismo to eat/stay and eat/use the property's produce while you are there.  So olive oil, almonds, vegetables etc.  In your case, you need to clean the land, and plant something.  If you want to be BIO then the land must be certifiably free of products for the next 5 years.   Its a long haul, and then you have to decide if you want to do hospitality.   Obviously the prerequisite for this is taht you are a resident and will live there.  

For turismo rurale  there are loads of rules which change from region to region.   They can include making sure the entire property is fenced,  access, facilities, etc etc.  

There are some incentives for young women to start businesses, and various other state and European help, but if you're a male and over 40 you're most likely on your own.   The paperwork is legion, and you will need a good command of Italian to negotiate it.