We are renovating a house near Monopoli. Once finished we

07/04/2023 - 01:04

We are renovating a house near Monopoli. Once finished we intend to rent it out during peak months to, hopefully, high-end clients and use it ourselves at quieter times.

We would like to build an underground pool that can only be a maximum of 40 sq m. 

Does anyone know of a good local pool supplier? Has anyone built a pool recently that can give us a general idea of what price we should expect? 

I have gone through older posts but they seemed to be mainly from 2010 and none since post COVID times. Prices for everything seem to have rocketed since.

Any help or advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks.




I would budget at not less than €50k. It goes without saying that it is going to depend on numerous things: shape, foundations, amount of paving, type and amount of perimeter fencing. If you have an idea of what you want I'm sure a local geometra will help but make sure you are aware of what is excluded from any estimates. Incl 22% IVA and design fees it's Id budget a little more.

Hi,  when you say underground I assume you mean an in the ground pool. Will it be in reinforced concrete? There are some half in the ground pools that cost less. I have not done such a pool but they are becoming more prevalent.

see link


I am an architect and I can confirm the budget of €60k to be realistic IF the ground is relatively flat - If there is a big slope the pool will need costly foundations and may be over €60k

Also note that a sufficient area to relax and recline and even "party" around teh pool needs to be more than the area of the Pool. If it is less it still "works" but it is not as much fun.  Also a good link to a kitchen somewhre not too far away also helps create a "lounge" atmosphere around the pool.