We used to use Book Depository to get books for

12/02/2023 - 07:37

We used to use Book Depository to get books for our Italian friends at Christmas.

Book Depository now closed.  Does anyone know of an Italian (or EU) bookshop that will accept orders from the UK and deliver to an Italian address?



Thanks for that Ugo

However, what I am looking for is a bookshop that I can order a specific book, such as "The secret diary of Boris Johnson aged 13....yrs", for delivery to my English friend near Bergamo. 

I can do it from England with Waterstones, who will post it from UK,   BUT there is the distinct possibility that my friend would be asked, on delivery, for import taxes. (And the postage from UK  would be more than the book)

The Italian bookstore "La Feltrinelli" can help you. They offer a wide selection of books in Italian and ship internationally. I like pay for homework, found https://edubirdie.com/pay-for-homework for this. And in my work there was a reference to them. You can visit their official website, select the books you need and provide an address in Italy for delivery. So I wish you good luck!