We would like to know if it is true that

05/14/2021 - 17:31

We would like to know if it is true that under new tax law in Italy, if we want to purchase a house in Italy our real estate we own in USA have to be taxed too? 
Rate calculated below:

   IVIE 0.076%
   IVAFE 0.20%

We already pay property taxes in USA and if we pay property taxes to Italian government for our property in USA too that is ridiculous.
We will be doubled taxed.

If you own 2-3 housesin USA , do you pay these Italian taxes to each one? 

Please share your thoughts about these. It will be a big disappointment to invest in Italy if that is the case.

Thank you



Obviously if you live in Italy and are tax resident there, then you will pay tax on your worldwide patrimony.  If its a holiday home and you live in Italy for less than 180 days a year, you will have no tax presence and pay no tax other than on your Italian property. 


italian laws to avoid double taxation with the states of the European community and the other states of the world