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Hello to all who have bravely found their way here - please fire away with questions about the website. It is all in a very rough state right now but we are working hard to polish everything and get a nice place for us to discuss.


Just saying hello and look forward to using this forum as a continuation of the old, in that it has provided me with new friends, lots of useful information, and, to be honest, some displacement activity in a busy day!I like the sound of a more interactive community - as someone who doesn't spend all her time in Italy it would be good to remain involved from a distance if I can.Many of us have arrived in out of the way corners of Italy which could do with the injection of new ideas and projects. Whilst some are bound to fail, or offend local sensibilities, I would like to think that this forum could assist those involved in sensitive integration into our local communities. I don't mean that we should be telling the Italians how to do things, and in fact I'm sure we'd get short shrift if we tried!

Hi annec nice to see you here - please forgive the rather temporary accommodations. things will improve over the next few days. Will start creating more groups and getting things set-up.Could you please let me know if you received your account activation e-mail (rather than the "pending approval" one) - seems some people are not receiving themA presto!

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Hello all,I too dont know what I am replying to and I feel rather like a naughty schoolgirl lying to my parents about an after school revision club which does not exist (yes i did actually do this).It is nice to be here and I rather hope it will be a forum for all things Italian good and bad and one in which i can contribute to more freely to as i felt a little intimidated in the original forum as I never really knew what the undercurrents meant. but hopefully hat is all in the past, and as members we can all start afresh so i say Bravo Ronald and complimenti.JoJo

Re-registered, this time using firefox and it worked OK. However can't understand what I need to put into Location? Tried to put in italian address and it didn't recognise Liguria! Also tried to upload a graphic and nothing happened - am I being too advanced...Hello Annec, nice to cu here.

Hi Ronald,Well it looks like you have been working very hard on this! It will be very interesting discovering the new format and are looking forward to being a part of 'the community', getting advice, sharing information with others and hopefully making new friends along the way.Thank you.

i got the email notification and logged in with no problemthanks Ronald for seeing it was time for a change, am sure that a fresh start it what we all need, echo most of the sentiments above although living here full time for us it is also a contact without being part of a sort of insular ex pat community to see what people outside Italy are thinkingOK we can get the news... but its nice to see well for me anyway how many of the members that do not live here see not only life in Italy from the outside but also how events in their home countries are shaping their views... having not been back to the UK for near enough seven years now it sometimes feels that the only real contact we have with the place is via this site...

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that's exactly how I feel, I'm always surrounded by Italians and I like to touch base with "home" without having to live a sort of expat life.

Hi, everyone. Good to be hear and to start a new adventure. It had to happen as some changes were needed. I do hope that many members will join, particularly those whose contribution is an asset. We should endeavour to have a friendly, humorous and informative place.

As I mentioned earlier - there is lots to do. working hard on it all and there are kinks to work out.cassini: you can just click on the map to place a marker where you are if you don't want to share your full location. it work on province level not regional level - so you would need to enter the province otherwise.will be explaining how the new format will work shortly - happy to see so many of you joining here.ronald

Its working today ... no idea whether its being a Mac or new system downloads today. Seems to keep the comune OK in location so that will do for now! Nice to be somewhere new....

Feel like I've stepped out of the back of wardrobe [Narnia] it all looks different and not sure where I am...... sure it will become clear in the fullness of time.......well here's raising a glass to a friendly, helpful and good spirited time in this community ...... PS how do I find my way back to the list of all posts/threads?

Piacere!Well this seems very nice but it's like moving into a new house and having to check in every cupboard..Can't wait to see how we decorate! Ronald - any chance of a spellcheck?Jinty

Knock, knock...Permesso...May I come in? Do I have to take my shoes off so I don't scratch your highly polished floor? Hehehe - Bet a few of you can remember those days - right? Well I'm in now and very pleased to be here. Didn't need the Sat Nav to find my way (thank heavens), and I hope I don't get lost down some dark cyber alley when I'm nosing around. But please - if you don't hear from me every so often - could you send out a search party... I might be stuck in a 'postless thread'!But hey.... joking apart. The site looks great, even if it is just a teensy bit confusing for a wrinkly like me, but time allows us to forage throughout the site and become adept before the horde begin to arrive. That way we'll all be able to help anybody!

The "piazza' is filling up and it is great to see so many friends joining in. So let's celebrate with one of my favourite drinks:PROSECCO AND MELON SHERBET 1 scoop of melon sherbet (If you can't find it I'll give you an easy recipe.Prosecco1 sprig of fresh mintPut the scoop of sherbet in a champagne flute. Fill up the flute with prosecco. Decorate with a sprig of fresh mint.And me can call it a "Piazza" cocktail. It is not a Bellini or a Rossini, but in the same line.Salute!

I have another one - Mamma's Christmas special cocktailchampagne (prosecco will work nicely though) and lots of freshly squeezed lime juice.All the vitamin C means you can drink it all day without getting a hangover :-O(not that I've tried. ahem).

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You can also use homemade lemon sherbet and it is great. My original idea was to use as a base a mixed citrus sherbet recipe originating from Sicily called "Sorbetto d'Agrumi del Sultano" (The Sultan's Citrus Sherbet" and I thought that perhaps Ronald would not like the name :X

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Hello all :) Just posted my last post on the old forum and am busy settling into this fabulous new place. :love:To celebrate I raise my glass of Garda's Christmas special to you all.Thank you for having meMoxiePs Great cocktail Garda - Cheers