What is the property market currently like in considering the

03/27/2020 - 04:29

What is the property market currently like in considering the CV-19 situation and what are the thoughts regarding how will it affected after CV-19 is (hopefully) ended?



2000 point question!  Dominic .

My thought is that now is the time to buy, when sellers fear the worst -

When everything is back to "normal", there will be expectations of recovery and those who have overcome the worst will hardly sell off


Ugo is right...good time to buy!

It has been a good time to buy for a while now...even before the virus, the real estate market in the country has never recovered from the crisis in 2008 and, to be honest, prices are way above actual market value. There is a huge offer compared to the demand out there and professionals here are not trained nor updated on how to move properties in the 21st century so, KPIs are low.

We purchased in Liguria last June and our offer was 30% under the asking price. It was accepted right away.

I see houses for sale on websites which were already on the market 8 years ago! Same old pictures, no staging, same prices... I visited a property in Imperia back in 2012 and found myself visiting it again in 2019.

So...am thinking if the market has not come up for air in the past 10 years, it won't get any better in the years to come. 


We are in the process of buying...or should say, were in the process of buying.


Everything is on hold till we don't know when, possibly quite a few months away.

Just have to grin and bear it till all this is over and at least hope that not too many more people lose their lives.



We are working on an article about this now asking a local real estate agent. I personally have noticed more properties for sale here in Florence but it definitely seems that they are the ones aimed at tourist rentals (small - Airbnb like). It does feel very limbo like in all senses. 

I am interviewing a real estate agent in Treviso province this afternoon, and I will share her answers here with you all, so you can have an idea on how the market goes in north Italy or, at least, in Veneto.

If you wish to ask any question before my interview, I will add your queries to my list of questions.

Just  kindly be fast, as I am interviewing the R.E. agent in about one hour. Sorry for the short notice.