What is your favorite book about life

09/22/2017 - 11:52

What is your favorite book about life in Italy as an expat?



Hi Stef, If you mean a book written by an Ex - Pat about life in Italy  Tim Parks has written a number which come to mind, such as "a season with Verona"...."an Italian Education".....and more recently  "Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo".  However if you mean as an Ex- pat reading any book about Italian life I would say the Neopolitan series by Elena Ferrante

Well assuming you're the real Stef S (from the attached photo) then I enjoyed your book and indeed we have even adopted one of your sayings (E' lui ! ).

Which is your favourite book?

My favorite book about life is Atlas Shrugged by Rand Ayn. The book is very popular, many read it and left positive reviews. Now I want to start reading a new book, but the university is in the way. I recently found where you can compare and contrast examples, I use https://gradesfixer.com/essay-types/compare-and-contrast-essays/ for this. This made me feel a little better. I have more free time, I will soon start reading something new. I would like someone to recommend something from books.