Why is the Italian national football (soccer) team called the “Azzurri”?

07/07/2021 - 06:25

Why is the Italian national football (soccer) team called the “Azzurri”?



You must be joking?

Second clue.     Everton Football Club are also known as the Blues  -  their kit is coloured BLUE

(I think I'm losing the will to live!!!!!!!)

The precise color is Savoy blue ( blu Savoia) , chosen to pay homage to the royal house of the Savoy family. The family crest, in fact, was red with a white cross, all on a blue background. That shirt was combined with white shorts, which have remained so even today, and black socks, which have become blue over time.

The first use of blue by the Savoy family dates back to 1366 by the will of Amedeo VI of Savoy, who decided to add a blue cloth to the red and white symbol of the Savoy on a ship leaving for the Crusades. From 1500 the blue scarf became mandatory and is still used today by the officers of the Italian army. It was also used in the first tricolor flags and finally in the flag of the Kingdom of Italy. In addition to sports, the blue also remained on the  President of the Italian Republic flag