Wi-Fi around the house

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02/09/2013 - 09:55

Forgive me please for a very stupid question but what experience do people have of wi-fi in old houses with 1m thick walls? Before I get Telecom Italia in to take a look, I'd appreciate some feedback from people who may have done it. We'd obviously position the box somewhere central but does the signal really make it through thick walls or does it, as someone told me, go round walls? (Technology is not my forte, as you can see.)



we have had some experience of this issue. initially our computer tec/freak thought that a simple wi-fi router would be sufficient but as you say the thick walls impeded the signal except for rooms adjacent to the transmitter.then we were advised to have relays to boost up the signal where  missing or insufficient.now we have found a simple solution which uses the electrical system of the house to transmit the dsl signal to all environments by means of a plug in device this would probably be the best solution and does not require cabling/touching walls or antything else and costs between 20-65 euro a one off solution.

You connect via ethernet. You can use any electrical socket for your devices. The modem/router obviously goes into the first one. They work very well. I prefer the ones that also allow you to still use the electric socket - pass through its called. I would think you could buy them from any large electrical/computer shop. If not I'm sure you could get them online.