Your Favorite Emilia Romagna Tips and Memories

05/11/2021 - 06:51

Hello everyone! We're working on the second issue of Bellissimo magazine and are taking a deep dive into the fascinating region of Emilia Romagna. Do you have any special travel memories and tips you'd like to share? Maybe an unforgettable meal in Bologna, a Parmigiano Reggiano or Prosciutto di Parma artisan workshop visit, a day at the seaside, or a hike or bike through the vineyard-covered hills. Comment here with your stories...we can't wait to read them!


Rebecca (acting editor) and the rest of the Italy Magazine team 



Where do I begin! We live in an often neglected (tourism wise) part of Emilia Romagna- Ferrara. The city itself is a real hidden gem with its understated blend of Medieval and Renaissance architecture- a perfect place to enjoy an apertivo watching the world go by in one of the many squares. With an imposing castle and many palaces and galleries to visit, Ferrara is a university city so cycling is the favoured mode of transport. I highly recommend cycling around the city walls or along the River Po. The international annual Buskers Festival of street music taking plac in August is awesome. Nearby is Comacchio - known as little Venice- a favourite with our visitors, especially when dining on one of the canal boats. The endless sandy beaches nearby have an infinite variety of bars each with their own identity and food specialities. Our favourites are Pyramide and Bagno 36. Comacchio lagoon is an ornithologist heaven, renowned for the famous flamingos. Throughout the year there are local festivals- one of our favourites being the Asparagus Festival at Mesola. Porto Garibaldi is the local fishing port and home to a number of excellent seafood restaurants. 


hi! Id love to share my experience taking a tour of the hallowed grounds of the consorzio parmigiano reggiano. i wrote about it on my blog, with photos, and went into some detail about the process and how awesome it was. i was actually lucky enough to visit twice. as a lover of the cheese, this meant the world to me, and i frequently show the photo of me in the library of wheels. happy to share more for the publication! 

Food tours! We did the best food tour in Bologna, stopping at 5 different places, walking through the open market near the piazza. It's a great way to learn about the history of the area, taste amazing food and see some great sights up close. We just booked via Trip Advisor. Well worth it.

We visited Ferrara. It is a city with a simple and reasonable character. The main purpose of the trip to Ferrara was to visit the Palazzo Scifanoia. Not the most popular attraction in the city, so there were only a few tourists. Perhaps because the palace is located outside the historical part of the city, about 1.5 km from the central square with the Cathedral.
The atmosphere in Palazzo Schifanoia is unique, especially when you walk alone in silence through the halls and look at the frescoes. It's almost like traveling in time - you watch the stories taking place in Ferrara many years ago