Apartment for sale in Modena - Modena, a terrace café in the city

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Bologna-Borgo Panigale Airport "Guglielmo Marconi"
32 km - 20 miles
Florence-Peretola Airport "Amerigo Vespucci"
101 km - 62 miles
Forlì Airport "Luigi Ridolfi"
100 km - 62 miles
Parma Airport "Giuseppe Verdi"
50 km - 31 miles
Rock Drawings in Valcamonica
116 km - 72 miles
Historic Centre of Florence
101 km - 62 miles
Piazza del Duomo
111 km - 69 miles
Venice and its lagoon
141 km - 88 miles

*Please note distances are straight line measurements and are approximate


A cup of steaming coffee and dressing room we welcome in the green the new day that knocks on the doors.
We collect some roses to be placed in a table center for the dining room.
Slowly the city wakes up under us.
The beginning looked like an idyllic in the countryside but we are on the 7th floor of a building in the center of Modena.
In the large terrace where a varied fauna is growing, small views of antique garden, a stone fountain and benches have been recreated as well as a pergola where you can eat away from the rays of the sun.
Around us, the flat view in the plains enjoying the greenery of the nearby City of Londra park.
The houses that surround us are much lower ensuring the privacy of the terrace.
The magnificence of the exterior is only a glimpse of what is waiting for us crossing one of the many French windows of the terrace and the two corner balconies that cover almost the entire perimeter of this apartment.
We take the cup into the large kitchen equipped with a large pantry. We are immediately attracted by a detail: the door to the kitchen is in wave satin glass and is mirrored at a furniture with a similar door located in the adjoining dining room where we are direct with the composition of roses that we have already composed.
The view falls on the parquet floor and we follow the cleverly installed design to connect the living room and relaxation area that can be a single environment or thanks to two distinct windows with steel beams ensure that at several moments of the day you are living separately.
Today I have some time before I go to the office and I can spend my time quietly at work. I take the documentation that will serve me today in the study attached to the relaxation area before going to the library that I have obtained at the entrance which was already equipped with shelving. I have enhanced it with two armored chairs from above the back, an ancient family table and a Tiffany lamp in Liberty-style mosaic glass.
Mine is one of the four bedrooms of the sleeping area, is the largest and has two French windows that overlook the balcony that runs on the two southeast sides of the house. And is preceded by a large white built-in wardrobe.
Next to it there is one of the three large bathrooms with windows of this stately residence, in white statuary marble, alternate with amonitic red, with shower. Even the other two bathrooms are made of marble with an elegant shower, one is white with rose marble bands and the last, in the living area, characterized by gray veins.
Near my room there is another double bedroom with a wardrobe throughout the wall mirrored and decorated with a floral motif, a single room I have equipped as a exchange booth where I keep the evening clothes, the shoes and the bags.
It is getting late, going down to one of the two garages but I admit it, I can't wait for the evening to come back to my personal paradise that I will share with friends in a terrace standing dinner to start enjoying this splendid spring air.

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