Start Saving: Italy's Hamlets with the Priciest Real Estate

Picture yourself strolling the tiny alleys of a charming borgo in Italy, on your way back home after stopping by the bar in the piazza for an espresso and buying fresh groceries from the local shops.

Sounds nice, right?

It’s an expensive fantasy though! Buying property in one of Italy’s quaint historic villages apparently isn’t for anyone’s pockets. The real estate website has compiled a list of Italy’s most beautiful – and most expensive - borghi. Seaside villages are the most valuable, and it looks like the regions of Liguria (especially around Cinque Terre and the Riviera) and Campania (especially around the Amalfi Coast) have the majority of the priciest real estate. Vernazza in Cinque Terre is the most expensive of all: as of April 2015, in order to buy an 80-square-meter apartment (the size taken into consideration for the survey), an average of €510,000 would be required, followed by Laigueglia, also in Liguria, in the province of Savona, where the average real estate cost is €472,880. Third in the rank is Porto Ercole in the Monte Argentario area of Tuscany, where an apartment goes for an average of €462,800.

Check the slideshow below to see the 10 most expensive borghi in Italy. Price is listed in Euro for square meter footage (mq stands of metro quadro, square meter).

We could always just go for a visit...!

Conca dei Marini
Borgio Verezzi
Monte Argentario