Piazza dei Miracoli

by Silvia Donati | Fri, 08/28/2020 - 00:00
How limiting to be visiting a place based on just one world-famous site in order to take a quick snapshot to post on social media and then leave. This is often…
by Silvia Donati | Tue, 03/14/2017 - 06:20
A new ‘attraction’ will soon be opening in Pisa, the Tuscan city famous for its Leaning Tower.   The attraction in question is a large ferris wheel, to be…
by Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 02/28/2014 - 01:00
To mark the 950th anniversary since construction began on the Pisa Cathedral, the Opera della Primaziale Pisana, the authority that oversees the Duomo Complex…