Ten Ways to Use Your Ape Car

The Ape Car is returning to the limelight due to the “street food” trend. It is not uncommon to see specially-set up Ape vans for the sale of food and drinks by the road.

The story of the Ape Car, a three-wheeled  vehicle first produced in 1948 by Piaggio, begins after World War II, when many Italians lived in poverty and could not afford a full-sized, four-wheeled vehicle. The designer who invented the Vespa came up with the idea of a three-wheeled commercial vehicle to power Italy’s reconstruction. The first Ape model was called VespaCar or TriVespa because mechanically it was a Vespa with two wheels added to the rear and a flatbed on the rear axle. A cab to protect the driver was introduced later.

The Ape has been most commonly used for delivery of light objects and mail, as a garbage truck, as an advertising tool, as an open-air store.

Here are ten ways the Ape has been used through the decades. What is your favorite?

Made in Italy