Amy Inman


Amy Inman came to the Cinque Terre 17 years ago while on a 3-month holiday in the Bel Paese. A fascination with Italy from early childhood—surely thanks in part to an Italian-born family friend who dubbed Amy the “leeetle Eeetalian” because of her love and voracious appetite for spaghetti—inspired her to ask for the trip as her college graduation gift. Little did she know that her life would forever be changed by that one request and those three months abroad. Upon her return to the United States, her former plans to pursue her master’s degree were foiled by heroverwhelming desire to return to Italy. She was 22 and knew that such a move across the globe was now or never. She took the risk and never looked back. She’s now married to a Cinque Terre local and has two bambini + a French bulldog named Gustavo. She spends her days chasing after her boys, writing for her Cinque Terre Insider blog ( and organizing local events in her village where she has become a powerful voice and advocate for maintaining local culture and traditions.

Articles by Amy Inman

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 23:29
The Cinque Terre—five pastel-colored villages that sit on a rugged 12km stretch of the Italian Riviera—are loved the world over. The villages are inc…