Cynthia L. P. Chaplin


Cynthia Chaplin IWA  was born in the USA and moved to Europe in 1990 where she has lived in Spain, Belgium, England and Italy.  She is a qualified sommelier with Fondazione Italiana Sommelier, a Vinitialy International Italian Wine Ambassador, and a professor of Italian wine and culture at Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute in Rome. Working with embassies, corporations and private clients in Rome, creating and presenting tastings, events, team building sessions, seminars and in-depth courses, Cynthia expands her communication within the sector as a wine writer, translator, and a judge at international wine and sake competitions.  Consultant for restaurants and enotecas assisting in the development of comprehensive wine lists and excellent food pairings, as well as advising private clients developing comprehensive Italian wine collections.  

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