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I am the director of Abruzzo Rural Property, a Real Estate agency situated in San Salvo, a coastaltown in Abruzzo bordering with the Molise region. The agency is regularly registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and fully insured, to ensure clients a reliable service and a smoothand easy purchasing process.


Abruzzo Rural Property is an Italian Real Estate agency located in the province of Chieti in the southern part of Abruzzo bordering the Molise region. Our properties are situated in the least seismic areas of Abruzzo region. The agency is registered and regulated by the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and we are members of F.I.M.A.A, this is the most reliable Italian association of brokers and real estate agents. The company is fully insured and this also includes insurance of our clients. Abruzzo Rural Property has been working for the past seven years helping foreign buyers find their dream homes in the Abruzzo and Molise regions. We have extensive knowledge and a true passion for these areas. We provide each client guidance and support through tailor-made services and property searches in an open and honest manner. Each client’s enquiry is dealt with on a personal basis, trying to establish precisely what is required in order to save energy and avoid loss of time and unnecessary expenses. Here below are some of the services we provide: 


 How we can guide and assist you before and whilst you are abroad searching for your dream property in Abruzzo

  • We have personally visited all of the properties listed; therefore we can provide all of the necessary details and information.
  • If we know exactly what you are looking for, we can start a specific and personalised property search for you.
  • An English speaking fully licensed real estate agent will reply to all of your questions before you travel to Abruzzo.
  • We will arrange a property tour trying to make the most of your time in Abruzzo whilst being flexible to your needs and timeframes.


When you have found your dream home and you are ready to buy we will cover all of the following tasks to ensure a smooth and safe purchase.

  • Provision of all the documents necessary to buy in Italy.
  • Legal checks of the documents related to the chosen property.
  • Registration of the preliminary agreement.
  • English speaking Notary service.
  • Estimates of purchase costs.
  • English speaking surveyors to provide a survey in English (if required)
  • Translation of purchase documents (if required)


After the purchase we will continue to help you by customising our services to your individual needs. The common requirements are:

  • Utilities changeovers under new buyer’s name.
  • Contact with several local contractors, surveyors/architects to get restoration quotes and details if the house needs restoration works.
  • Continual after sale services according to specific needs.


Many of the properties listed on our website need restoration or renovation. Abruzzo Rural Property has a completely different approach to restoration projects. We do not have an in-house architect or surveyor as this would be a considered as a conflict of interest here in Italy. When a client buys a house in need of restoration we can start working together with him to find the best estimates from local building companies. We compare prices, availability to complete the works on a given timeframe, skills, ability to understand the client, etc… There are many skilled builders in the Abruzzo and Molise regions, it is not necessary to limit yourself to just one building company either. We have the same approach with surveyors, architects, technical engineers; we always select local people and we tend to work with those who provide the best services and have great past track records. Over the years, Abruzzo Rural Property has established trusted contacts with the most reliable professionals such as notaries, surveyors and contractors; we work with different companies in order to be able to always provide excellent services at the most cost effective prices. Every client is unique, each comes with their own individual needs, dreams, concerns or apprehensions. We endeavour to customise our services according to our client’s specific needs and personalities.

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