Before Josie could say a word, Dr Anderson quickly raised his hand and brought it hard down on her soft, pale ass. Josie squealed, and tried to wriggle away, but Dr Anderson quickly placed a firm hand on her lower back, pinning her to the table."Now, now gorgeous girl, you don't want to do that. What would the rest of the school think if someone saw you running around the school gym with no pants on? I know how gossip flies in a place like this - people would think you are a little slut."Josie whimpered, trying to order her racing thoughts. "Please Dr Anderson, if you let me go now I won't tell anybody. I promise I'll be a good girl and keep it to myself."Dr Anderson laughed a harsh laugh. "Oh Josie, I know you'll be a good girl and tell no one." His hand rose again and was brought down against her round behind, leaving another red hand print against her pearly cheeks. Again Josie jerked forward against the table, her breasts rubbing against her bra and sports top with the forward movement. She could feel her nipples becoming hard, and she hated herself for it."No," continued Dr Anderson, "You will be telling no one, and you want to know why?" He let the question linger in the air as he rained down three hard consecutive slaps on her ass, causing it to go an angry red."Because it would be your word against mine, and who would believe you? After all, I am a well-respected teacher here, student and teacher alike love me, would never dream that I would place a student in such a..." he trailed off momentarily, admiring the brief glimpse of her dripping pussy he got when she jerked forward under another of his ruthless slaps. "A... compromising position. And so your allegations would fall on deaf ears, and people would think you were just doing it for the attention, for the drama. What then do you think would happen to you the rest of the year? How would your teachers and classmates look at you? And what of your scholarship, do you think your college wants to deal with a little princess who lies and spreads nasty rumours about her teachers?" He let that last sentence sink in, and Josie was so shocked that she didn't even react when he brought down another slap against her now thoroughly abused behind.Tears now started to fall silently from Josie's eyes, and she started to beg."Please Dr Anderson, please don't do this, please I promise I won't tell anyo-""Shut up!" Dr Anderson roared, and slapped her so hard that the resounding crack rang around the room. "No more whining!""No Dr Anderson, please stop, I can't take this anymore, my ass hurts so much.""Stupid girl, can't follow a simple instruction from her teacher." Dr Anderson walked around the table to where her soaked panties lay on the floor. Bending down he picked them up and quickly moved around to Josie's head, her right cheek resting against the hard table top. Roughly he shoved her panties in her mouth.Josie looked up at Dr Anderson with large blue eyes, silently begging him to stop the punishment, but unable to speak around the material that was now stuffed in her mouth."That's better," breathed Dr Anderson, "good girls should know when to be quite, and when it is their turn to speak." He gently caressed her cheek as he met her stare, forcing her to avert her eyes in submission.Mine, Dr Anderson thought. All mine.Dr Anderson walked back to her ass, still slightly red from his earlier attentions. Quickly he gave it a number of brisk, business like slaps to bring some more colour into it."Now Josie, I want you to sit up on the table. Do as I say unless you want me to spank your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week."Dutifully Josie raised herself, so that her legs were tucked underneath her, thighs together, shoulders hunched over in defeat. Her eyes were downcast, cheeks shinning with tears and the wad of while cloth still filling her mouth."Josie my beautiful girl, that is not a posture for a lady such as yourself. I want you to straighten your back and stick your chest out.""Good girl," he said kindly as she complied. He saw giant breasts and rock hard nipples straining against the shirt fabric, outline clearly visible. Time for that to go."Remove your shift and bra now, I want to see your tits."Dr Anderson could feel himself straining against his pants once more as Josie slipped first her shirt and then her white bra off and dropped them to the floor. She then resumed her pose, large milky breasts thrust out, nipples proudly on display for the world to see.Dr Anderson stepped forward, bringing a hand up to the heavy orbs and slowly began to knead them. They felt better than he could have imagines, silky soft against his rouch hands. He slowly worked his thumb around in smaller circles, finally reaching her beautifully pink nipple. He heard a quick intake of breath from Josie as he began to play with it, softly stroking and tugging at it. Quickly he brought his other hand up and began to show her other nipple that same attention.freeonlinesiteJosie was moaning into the fabric of the panties, and had placed her hands behind her at her ankles. She hated this, she wanted it to stop, she knew she should be fighting as hard as she could against this. But Dr Anderson's expert hands felt to wonderful against her nipples that she just pressed herself harder into his hands, arching her back.Dr Anderson smiled to himself and he watch the goddess in front of him present her prefect tits to him, beginning him with her moans to continue. He continued to gently pinch and play with her sensitive nipples, occasionally reaching down to stroke her toned stomach or grasp at the fullness of her of round, heavy breasts."Spread your legs for me, I want to be able to see you," He commanded.Josie did not comply, and instead raised her pleading eyes to meet Dr Anderson's, and saw only terrifying lust on them. She shivered."I said spread your legs, slut!" He gave both of her nipples a sharp twist, pinching them roughly and making Josie cry out in pain. Quickly she spread her thighs for him, feeling the cool air run over her wet, on display pussy.Dr Anderson looked down at the pink slit in front of him, perfectly shaved and covered in Josie's own juices. He continued to roughly toy with her nipples, twisting and pinching them harshly.He brought two fingers down and slowly ran them along her dripping lips, finding her exposed clit and massaging it again. Once he heard her moaning against the gag he slipped two finger inside of her and began slowly but firmly thrusting them inside her warm wetness. Bringing his thumb up, he continued to flick and press against her clip, slowly forcing his fingers deeper and deeper into her. Eventually he forced in a third finger, before increasing the speed of his thrusting. He finger fucked her cunt as hard as he could, and Josie pressed herself into his hand, relishing the feeling of his fingers exploring her most private place and his thumb rubbing non-stop against her clit.Dr Anderson could tell she was close to finishing, and continued to use his other hand to play with her hard pink nipples.He lent in, fingers still thrusting, and breathed into her ear, "cum for me slut."Josie couldn't contain herself anymore, and felt a second orgasm wash through her body. Her body was shaking, pussy quivering, and her clit felt so sensitive it almost hurt. Dr Anderson removed his hands and took a step back, and Josie slumped forwards against the table, larger breasts squished against the hard surface, ass raised invitingly in the air.He walked around her once, admiring the view while Josie tried desperately to get her breath back and make sense of all the thoughts and emotions that were filling her.Before she could compose herself, Dr Anderson quickly walked down to the end of the table her perfect ass faced, and roughly grabbed her hips. Without warning he pulled her down the table so that her ankles hung of the end, and her exposed pussy was at hip height. Josie just let is happen, and closed her eyes, wishing for this to be over soon.Josie's eyes snapped open again very quickly when she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. She whimpered through the panties as she felt something hard press up against her slit, before being rubbed along her soaking lips and pressed against her thoroughly abused clit.Dr Anderson coated his cock in her juices, before slowly pressing the head of it into Josie's exposed cunt. She was wonderfully tight. Slowly moving his large, veiny cock back and forth, Dr Anderson steadily pressed more and more of his considerable length into her submissive pussy. Finally, Dr Anderson could feel all 8 inches of himself buried in her tight, hot cunt, his hips pressed firmly up against her still red ass.Josie was whimpering into her gag, feeling herself being stretched painfully around her teacher's monstrous cock.He slowly withdrew his shaft from her, before aligning it up again. Without warning, his quickly drove into her hard and fast, burying his meat into her, heavy balls slapping up against her sensitive clit. Josie cried out in surprise, but Dr Anderson did not let her catch her breath. He was thrusting into her ruthlessly now, not giving her any time to adjust to his cock, or find a comfortable rhythm. He shoved his shaft into her as hard as he could, feeling the tip his up against her cervix. Hands on her hips, Dr Anderson pulled her again and again onto his meat, his hips bucking forward to meet her.Josie chest was pressed heavily into the table top, sensitive nipples rubbing against it with each forward thrust, her ass in the air. She cried out each time Dr Anderson entered her fully, feeling her ass hit his hips and feeling his heavy balls slap against her clit each time he thrust home. Josie was drooling through the panty gag, a small pool of it forming on the table below her. She wanted this to stop, to end. She could not admit to herself that the pain was slowly leaving, that she was starting to feel a warm tingle in her abdomen. Without even consciously meaning to, she was starting to move in time with him, leaning back to meet his never ending thrust.There was nothing she could do. Josie had no way of stopping Dr Anderson as he continued to plough into her. Looking around she once again caught his eyes, and he stared back at her, mouth stretched in a hard snarl as he continued to throttle her ravished pussy with his fat cock.That's when she realised. The truth hit her like an electric shock. To him she was not a person. She was simply a vessel for his dick, something to fuck when it pleased him. He would continue to punish her battered pussy until he was done with her. She did not matter, her pleading eyes and squeals of indignation only made him more excited, made him thrust into her harder. Dr Anderson would use her body for as long as he liked, until he was finished with her. She was just something to wrap his big, hard cock in, something to milk him until he cummed into her.She was a fuck doll. She was his little fuck doll.Dr Anderson looked down writhing girl in front of him, and could feel his heavy balls tighter. Leaning forward, he gave one more tremendous thrust and felt his seed spurt into her welcoming pussy.Josie could feel his hard cock quivering inside of her, felt it pulsing as it filled her up with a seemingly endless supply of cum. At the same time she felt herself pushed over the edge once again, and an orgasm ripped violently through her pale body. A small whimper escaped her mouth, but was muffled in the gag.Dr Anderson made sure that Josie's quivering, orgasming pussy had milked all the cum from his hard cock before he slowly removed it. It withdrew from her ravished cunt, and he saw a dribble of cum escape from her lips and drip onto the table below.Josie lowered her bruised and battered behind to the table, breathing hard. Dr Anderson moved around to the head of the table again, and pulled out the panties from her mouth."Did you enjoy that, my little cum slut?" Dr Anderson asked, resting his palm against her cheek. He noted the droll on her chin and smiled.