Start Sewing With These 10 Simple StepsSo you decide to take up sewing? Congratulation, you are about to discover a whole new world of possibilities and creativity.Sewing is not as hard as some people think it is, but it’s not the easiest set of skills to master either. So arm yourself with some basic knowledge first so you are not overwhelmed when all the new things start coming at you. Here is what you need to know for a head start in sewing.For people looking for the best sewing machine, read this guide Which Are The Best Rated Sewing Machines For Beginners On The Market Today.Think About What Type Of Sewing You Want To Learn FirstThe word sewing has a broader meaning than you think. It might be making clothes for children or for your own. Sewing also includes quilting to make colorful projects like a baby blanket or a table runner. Doll making is part of sewing too.Rather than spending time and effort trying to master everything, start small. Learn the skills you find the most interesting. Once you have the hang of it, branching out to others sections will be easier.Find A MentorClasses on sewing are widely available online nowadays. They can teach you everything you need to know through videos so you can learn at your own pace. Online classes are convenient as you don’t have to travel to anywhere else but your own room to learn. These videos are uploaded free online so there is no fee to worry about.Of course, in-person classes have their own advantages. You have someone with expertise there to guide you and answer your questions right away. Moreover, these classes usually have sewing machines and other tools available for the learner. You can try some of them and decide if you like them before actually buying anything. Who knows, you might find a good sewing machine for beginners in one of these classes. Choose A ProjectYour first project should be as simple as possible. A simple but successful piece of sewing is more useful in encouraging you to keep up with the hobby than a complex pattern but wonky outcome.You cannot become an expert in anything overnight. Sewing takes time to master and once you did, your possibilities are endless.If quilting is what you like, start with a placemat first. It’s practical but not hard to make. For those who want to make their own clothes, a simple skirt is a nice project.Stock Your Materials And ToolsNo one can sew without some basic equipment. However, don’t rush to the shop and buy everything at once. Try some of the basics first to see if you like them.A pair of scissors is an absolute must. Without of sewing machine, you can always sew by hand, but without a sharp pair of scissors, cutting fabric is out of the question.Use the pair for cutting fabric only. There is nothing worse than a dull pair of scissors.Hand sewing is OK but it’s super time-consuming. For a starter, I recommend finding the best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners. For more information on these models, read reviews here.Master The Basic TechniquesSewing has its own lexical resource just like other hobbies. They are the terms that make sense only when in a sewing-related context. For example, find out about the meaning of the term seam allowance, free motion quilting, or flat felled seams.Learn to read patterns is also beneficial. You cannot follow instructions if you don’t know how to read the symbols and terms there. More questions will arise but the sewing community is large and vibrant so you always have someone to ask.Keep A Record Of Your ProgressSewing is interesting but sometimes you need a little push to encourage yourself. Keep all of your projects even if they look weird or wonky. You can compare them to your later achievements and see how much progress you have made.Join some forums or communities online or at where you live. It’s better to have people with the same interest around to help you.Find InspirationWhen you love and know something, you will find inspiration everywhere. For example, an intricate design someone shares online may bring you some new ideas of a baby blanket. Clothes from your favorite designer can be suggestions for you to make your own designs.Practice Makes PerfectTo be good at something means you have to do it a lot.Practice sewing until it becomes your second nature. A few first attempts might not be what you expect. Don’t worry, everyone can be in that situation. The experienced sewists you see with beautiful and complex projects were once beginners like you are now.Doing something a lot also means you get more chances to make mistakes. Mistakes are good, I tell you. Mistakes are indications of a set of skills you need to work on. If cannot sew straight, stop for a while and focus on straight lines first.Make One Project At A TimeThere are so many stunning patterns out there for you to make. But don’t get in the trap of trying to do many projects at once.First, each project requires different levels of skills. If you do so many things at the same time, there will be as many things you need to master. So spare yourself the pressure and stick to one thing at a time.Another reason is you may forget about some of these unfinished projects. Over time they will accumulate into a pile of work in progress. A total waste of time and resource.Push Yourself Out Of The Comfort ZoneOnce you have mastered all the basics, it’s time to learn something new. A good way to keep your interest in something is to find yourself a dose of a challenge once in a while. If you have known all the basic seams inside out, how about learning some new stitches?When I mastered all I need in hemming, I invested in a cover stitch machine so that I can focus on other aspects, like create my own design. I have made a cover stitch machine reviews so if anyone is interested in one of those, read this best coverstitch machine buying guide to find out more.Design your own patterns? Why not? Most beginners like to use patterns they found online or in a book to have a beautiful project in no time. However, sometimes your own creations are valuable and worth sharing as much as the work you find