Marettimo Residence - Holiday Residence on Marettimo Island

Bed and Breakfast

Via Telegrafo, 3
91010 Isola di Marettimo TP

Swimming Pool

Marettimo Residence is the only new hotel structure on the island, which is still wild and almost inaccessible. It has been done in a way that completely respects the surrounding environment and typical architecture of the area. 


Marettimo Residence is next to the shore, and about 200 meters from the little port of the village. Immersed in the greenery, it is comprised of 42 flats (2 suites, 10 studios, 18 one-bedroom units, 10 two-bedroom units.

Each flat has a veranda or a balcony furnished with a table, chairs, and the typical stone bench of Marettimo. The living room comes with a completely equipped cooking area, and one or two bedrooms.

All the flats (two-roomed and three-roomed flats) are also equipped with:

- veranda with table, chairs, and Marettimo's bench;
- kitchen with glass-baked clay electric four fires hob, complete set of kitchen utensils and pots, a refrigerator and freezer;
- living-room with futon bed-settee;
- bathroom with hairdresser;
- strong-box;
- ceiling fans.

Moreover, the typically Mediterranean garden of the residence is equipped with a gazebo, barbecue, and children’s play area.
The residence formula includes water and lighting use, change of bed linen, and bathroom linen once a week.
Domestic animals are admitted.

Facilities & Services

Diving, underwater packets with courses booking, licences, very good quality equipment;

- naturalistic guides with observation of flora and fauna;
- guides for courses on donkey's back;
- rent of typical crafts lead by local seamen;
- guides with boats for trawling fishing with equipment;
- bird-watching placing;
- trekking signed courses


All of the furnishings have been created using eco-friendly materials.

The characteristics of Marettimo also require that the tourists too are aware and respectful towards the environment. It's best to avoid the month of August when it tends to become overcrowded but it is a great place to explore during all seasons. 

Place to visit

Thanks to the characteristics of flora and fauna Marettimo is the most interesting island of the archipelago of the Egadi.
Its particularity is due to different factors: above all the presence of mountains in the island, where the calcareous rocks added up to the dolomitic rocks, and the abundance of water; then the insularity process which took place in Marettimo first, and later in the other islands. The isolation of flora and fauna, dating back to 600 millions years ago, has in fact allowed the preservation of vegetable specimens disappeared by now from Sicily and the other islands of the archipelago of the Egadi.

The natural history of Marettimo began about 50 millions years ago, in the Tertiary Era, characterized by the Alpine orogenic folding, the numerous phenomena which produced the raising of the mountain chains. The continental drift pushed Africa against Europe and gave rise, according to the scholars, to a continent extending from Sicily to Asia Minor, of which Marettimo was part: the confirmation of this hypothesis is the presence of the endemic plant Scabiosa Limonifolia, coming from those lands.

Other variety of plants present in Marettimo and not in Sicily, such as the Daphne Oleifolia and the Erodium Maritimum, witness other geological transformations happened about 20 millions years ago.
Isolated from the beginning of the Quaternary, Marettimo became the "caretaker" of a vegetation which has no longer received any evolutionary push from the outside. That's why it has kept unchanged by now for tens million years.


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