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No words can do justice to Venice. It is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe and a must-see in Italy. Where else can you enjoy a gondola ride, see the ancient art of glassblowing or get lost on one of its 118 islands? You have to see it to truly understand.


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An oasis of shimmering canals overlooked by awe-inspiring palaces, Venice is a must-see for any young traveler exploring Europe. Simply getting lost in the streets is a transcendent experience, you’ll be engulfed in alleyways adjacent to majestic canals, smelling the fresh seawater. It’s simply wonderful.

Appearing as if it were floating on water, Venice is one of the most intriguing and genuinely beautiful cities in the world. The city in its entirety is a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting intricate bridges, charming alleyways, and great shopping. This, and sites like Piazza San Marco featuring St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, a lively boardwalk, Venetian glass blowing and, of course, gondola tours it would plainly be an injustice to miss this city.


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